My father played a Spanish Bo Wretling classical guitar. He used to sing funny old American folklore tunes to my brothers and I . “Good Ol’ Mountain Dew” and “Sweet Betsy From Pike” are two I remember word for word. He bought our first guitar when I was 5. It was too big for me, so he brought home a baritone ukelele for me.

I don’t have the uke, and I destroyed the Bo Wretling when I sat on it.

I drifted away from music in my college years and for many years after, until about 10 years ago. I went to an energy healer for kicks one day, someone I knew for a fact wasn’t either crazy or a scam artist. She “read” me and told me that there were two things I needed to do to make myself whole. One was writing, the other was music.

So I started writing, and I bought myself a 1992 American Stratocaster.

I’ve been playing the strat zealously for many years now, and I wouldn’t think of stopping now. In Boston, there is a vibrant group of very talented blues artists, and we make some great music.

Here I’m putting up some of the things I work on at home, done simply with Garageband. I put them here so they don’t get lost in my iTunes.


My Farm Not Yours (2/9/2012)

I wrote this song on the commuter boat ride to Boston one morning.

Blues Etude(11/10/2011)

An exercise to acquaint myself with garageband.

All Blues

My solo take on Miles Davis’s iconic number. This is a popular number at the blues jams.

Blue Dirge

Okay, this is an overindulgent exploration of garageband’s digital instrumentations.

Green Onions

Another iconic classic, recorded by too many artists to name.