Diary of a Small Fish, 370 pp. (2011)*

When ex-rep Paul Forté is served with a subpoena to testify about his golfing with a lobbyist pal, he is pulled into a labyrinth of the criminal justice system for which he is ill prepared. Following the code of honor and telling the truth just isn’t going to be enough to deal with the machinations of U.S. Attorney Bernard (don’t call him “Bernie”) Kilroy.


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Full Irish

A Dublin reporter is on a mission to find the murderer of an honest politician and close friend. A Boston lawyer is hired to dig up dirt on a conniving Irish competitor.

When the two collide at a famous County Kerry castle and discover their mutual interests, the ensuing game plan is more Pink Panther than Hercule Poirot.

Full Irish marks the return of Paul Forté and his wife, Shannon, and the introduction of Finola McGee. In a sometimes madcap, sometimes dark adventure, Shannon lands a blow against lecherous politicians, McGee shows off her pole dancing prowess, an Anglo-Irish butler turns double-agent, and the zygomatic bone takes disproportionate abuse. But can the trio unravel the web of conspiracy stretching from the back corridors of Leinster House to the polished inner sanctum of the Massachusetts Senate?

Against the backdrop of the windswept west coast of Ireland and the watering holes of Dublin and Boston, Full Irish exposes a rivalry that goes to the very heart of politics.

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Tight Spots 2 Tight Spots

A complete collection of short stories, previously published individually, including three mystery short stories in the crime genre and six others that explore circumstances of people who find themselves in tough places, emotionally or otherwise.

Also included are the opening first chapters of two of the author’s unpublished novels, Law & Disorder and No Good Deed.

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Club Dues (short story)

Defense attorney Ray Hannah is called upon to aid his stock broker, Thad Sonnet, after Sonnet stumbles upon the bloody body of his host, Wesley Cummerford. If Sonnet didn’t murder him, who did? The answer to the mystery lies with the possessor of an antique golf club.

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Uneasy Living (short story collection) (2011)*

A collection of short stories involving abandonment, grief, loss, and betrayal

• A man who abandoned his family is visited by his daughter in an island paradise soon before he will die.

• A mentally challenged young man living alone in his late mothers seaside cottage feeds clam chowder to a runaway.

• A college co-ed is victimized by beauty.

• A man grieving the loss of his father tends to his ailing ex-wife, with the help of his girlfriend.

• A lawyer and her detective lover get away with murder.

• A son indulges the memories of his addled mother.

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Buried Treasure (short story)

When a treasure hunter and his sons die in the explosion of their vessel, the Provincetown rumor mongers are quick to convict the sole survivor, brother Ben. The local police chief and his lieutenant uncover the failure of the court of public opinion.

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